Most law offices that are comprised of more than one individual are set up as a chain of command with Partners at the top and fluctuating levels of Associate Attorneys underneath them. Accomplices are by and large the proprietors of the business and Associates are representatives. The Associates are regularly given the chance to work their way up the stepping stool to end up Partners and partake in the benefits of the firm rather than simply accepting wages.

It is vital to have a composed assention or contract between the Associates and the Firm that spells out everybody’s obligations and commitments and in addition the conditions under which they may progress. The accompanying is a draft contract between an Associate and a law office that can be modified to address the issues of a law office procuring an Associate Attorney.

This AGREEMENT made of this 21st day of March, 2011, between the Law Offices of at Smith, in this alluded to as the “Firm” and Joe Blow, hereinafter alluded to as the “Lawyer.”


The Firm is a Sole Proprietorship, working as a business rendering lawful administrations. In the event that, amid the term of this agreement, the Firm changes to another type of business association, this agreement will keep on being authoritative on both the Firm, under it’s new arrangement, and on the Attorney.

The Attorney is authorized to provide legal counsel in the State of Texas.

The Firm and the Attorney longing to have the lawyer specialize in legal matters as a representative of the Firm.

It is concurred by and between the gatherings as takes after:

Segment 1. Occupation and Duties.

Occupation. The Firm utilizes the Attorney and the Attorney acknowledges livelihood as a lawyer as per the terms of this Agreement.

Full Time. The Attorney might dedicate full working time and consideration on the act of the law for the Firm and the Attorney should not, without the composed assent of the Firm, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way rendered administrations of an expert nature to or for any individual or firm aside from as a representative of the Firm.

Obligations and Assignments. The Firm should decide the obligations to be performed by the Attorney and the methods and the way by which those obligations might be performed. The Firm should decide the task of the customers to the Attorney and the Attorney might perform administrations for such customers appointed. The Firm decide the rates at which the Attorney’s work should be charged.

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